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Nouvelle programmation musicale

Compilation Kompakt, Kompakt Total 12, Kompakt
Joakim, Nothing Gold, Tigersushi
Dark Captain, Dead Legs & Alibis, Loaf Recordings
Blood Orange, Coastal Groove, Domino Records 
Balam Acab, Wonder / Wonder, Autoproduction
Dum Dum Girls, Only In Dreams, Sub Pop 
Juju, In Trance, Realworld
Washed Out, Within And Without, Domino Records 
Joie Noire, 1, Desire Records
Big Sexy Noise, Trust The Witch, Le Son Du Maquis
Tinariwen, Tassili, V2/Cooperative Music
4 Guys From The Future, Under The New Morning Sun, Underdog Records
Penguin Prison, Penguin Prison, Atmospheriques
Soko, I Thought I Was An Alien, Because
Girls, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Turnstile
Katalyst, Deep Impressions, Bbe Records
Piers Faccini, My Wilderness, Tot Ou Tard
Memory House, The Years, Sub Pop 
Chris Bailey & H.Burns, Stranger, Vicious Circle
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Mirror Trafic, Domino Records 
Turzi, Education, Record Makers
Stateless, I'm On Fire, Ninja Tune
Mai, Sweet Unrest, Autoproduction
Doctor Flake, Flake Up, New Deal Records
Grace Jones, Hurricane Dub, Wall Of Sound
Still Corners, Creatures Of An Hour, Sub Pop 
Zola Jesus, Seekir, Souterrain Transmissions
Megafaun, Megafaun, Crammed Discs
Viva And The Diva, Viva And The Diva, Autoproduction
Glass Candy, Warm In The Winter Ep, Italians Do It Better
Raffertie, Visual Acuity, Ninja Tune
Nazca Lines, Compass Points, Loaf Recordings
A Man & A Machine, Compilation, Le Son Du Maquis
Shin Joong Hyun, 1958-1974, Light In The Attic Records
Fx 100, A Hundred Effects, Jarring Effects
The Bongolian, Bongos For Beatnicks, Blow Up Records 
Jackie O Motherfucker, Earth Sound System, Fire Records
Botany, Feeling Today Ep, Differ Ant
Orka, Oro, Ici D'ailleurs
Help Stamp Out Loneliness, Help Stamp Out Loneliness, Papillons Noirs
Bon Iver, Bon Iver, 4ad
Unison, Unison, Lentonia Records
Little Dragon, Ritual Union, Peacefrog
Sbtrkt, Sbtrkt, Xl Recordings
Other Lives, Tamer Animals, Pias
Bang On, Got It, Big Dada
Sbtrkt, Sbtrkt, Xl Recordings
Jono Mc Cleery, There Is, Counter
Ryuichi Sakamot & Alva Noto, R-N132summvs, Raster Noton
Velvet Condom, Stadtgeil, Autoproduction

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