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Nouvelle programmation musicale

 Découvrez la charpente musicale de ce mois-ci:

- WILD BEASTS, Smother, Domino
- TV ON THE RADIO,  Nine Types of Light, Interscope
- PHLOX LABEL SAMPLER,  1st annual report, Phlox
- CHAPELIER FOU, Al Abama ep, Ici d'ailleurs
- ABOUT GROUP,  Start and Complete, Domino
- VIDEO LOVE,  Mon Ange, Lentonia Records
- SKELETONS,  People, Crammed discs
- AUSTRA,  Feel It Break, Domino
- MARK MCGUIRE ,  A Young Person's Guide, Editions Mego
- WILD VIBES,  Wild Vibes ep, Autoproduction
- RYUICHI SAKAMOTO & ALVA NOTO,  r-n132summvs, Raster Noton
- TREE HOPPING,  Tree Hopping Dance Band, Autoproduction
- COMPILATION LOAF, Domestic Pop 2, Loaf Recordings
- APPLAUSE,  Where It All Began, 3ème Bureau
- FINK,  Perfect Darkness, Ninja Tune
- LOVE INKS, Wave Goodbye, City Slang
- HERE WE GO MAGIC,  The January ep, Secretly Canadian
- RANDY NEWMAN, The Randy Newman Songbook vol.2, Nonesuch
- 22 PISTEPIRKKO, Lime Green Delorean, Bone Voyage
- JOOKABOX,  The Eyes of The Fly, Joyful Noise
- GANG GANG DANCE,  Eye Contact, 4 AD
- RUFUS BELLEFLEUR, Groovin' Tales From The Gator Blaster, Autoproduction
- JULIAN LYNCH,  Born2run, Wild Animal Kingdom
- CHIEN VERT,  Radio Dog, Autoproduction
- CHAD VANGAALEN,  Diaper Island, Sub Pop
- GUILLEMOTS,  Walk the River, Geffen
- CLOUD CONTROL,  Bliss Release, Infectious Music
- LITTLE BOY, iIto The Waste & Howling Wilderness, RKO Records
- AGENT SIDE GRINDER,  Irish Recording Tape, Klangarkivet
- PHIL PACE & SPIKE,  Letters Memory, Autoproduction
- THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART,   Belong, Fortuna Pop/Pias
- PAUL SIMON,  So Beautiful or So What, Hear Music

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