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Programmation musicale // Février 2011

Découvrez la charpente musicale de ce mois-ci :

- WIRE, Red Barked Tree, Pink Flag
- THE RADIO DEPT, Passive Aggressive Singles 2002-2010, Labrador
- MY LITTLE CHEAP DICTAPHONE, The Tragic Tale of Genius, At (h)ome
- TAHITI 80, The Past, The Present & The Possible, Human Sounds
- JIM YAMOURIDIS, Into The Day,  Starlight Walker
- THE YOUNG GODS, Everybody Knows, Two Gentlemen
- COMPIL WOOLLY JUMPERS, A Selection of Wool Recordings, Wool Recordings
- STATELESS, Matilda, Ninja Tune
- VARIOUS ARTISTS, Compil French Electronic Underground, Neopren Records
- SEXY SUSHI, Marre Marre Marre, Label Maison
- THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION, Buffalo, Memphis  Iindustries
- SHRAG, Life! Death! Prizes!, Where It's At Is Where You Are
- BEAT MARK, Howls of Joy, Final Taxi Records
- KHOE-WA, EP Life?, Autoproduction
- SHOBALEADER ONE, d'Demonstrator, Ed Rec/WARP
- NINA KINERT, Red Leader Dream, Ninkina Recordings
- AGORIA, Impermanence, Infine
- CERCUEIL, Erostrate, Le Son Du Maquis
- LE SINGE BLANC, Babylon, Whosbrain Records
- BRIAN ENO (with jon Hopkins & Leo Abraham), Small Craft on a Milk Sea, WARP
- ROCOCO, Misunderstood Love, JIVE/EPIC
- 202 PROJECT, Total Eclipse, Le Son Du Maquis
- VIRGINIA KLEMM, Mercy Blow, Autoproduction
- MANCEAU, EP on a Mellow Day, Fake
- MGR, 22nd of may, Consiracy Records
- SYDNEY WAYSER, The Colorful, Volvox Music
- PLANTS AND ANIMALS, La La Land, Secret City Records
- NZELA, Dub Oyé, Bolingo Art Prod
- LINDEN HALO, Allergy To Consciousness Versions, EnT-T
- OH NO OH MY, People Problems, Moelleux Records
- BLACK HOLE, Jon Savage Presents, Domino
- LYDIA LUNCH, 13 13, Le Son Du Maquis
- BOUBACAR TRAORE, Mali Denhou, Lusafrica