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Programmation musicale // décembre 2010

Découvrez la charpente musicale de ce mois-ci :

- Donna Regina, The Decline of Woman Happiness, Karaoke Kalk
- Glasser, Ring, True Panther Sounds
- Pascal Benoit, Static Move, Autoproduction
- Jatoma, Jatoma, Kompakt
- John Trap, 1980, L’Eglise de la Petite Folie
- Twin Sister, Vampires With Dreaming Kids, Double Six Records
- Crystal Fighters, Star of Love, Different
- Villagers, Becoming a Jackal, Domino
- Romeo & Sarah, Vecteurs et Forces, Herzfeld
- Ben’s Symphonic Orchestra, Island on a Roof, Tatave Music
- Shapes & Sizes, Candles to your eyes, Asthmatic Kitty Records
- Seriously, Eric?, 2, Autoproduction
- Bon Homme, Bon Homme, Rent a Record Compagny/Motor Music
- Belle and Sebastian, Write About Love, Rough Trade
- Kafka, Geografia, Pyromane Records
- Audioactivism , Audioactivism2, Jarring Effect
- Esben and The Witch, Violet Gries, Matador
- The Walkmen, Lisbon, Fat Possum Records
- Robert Wyatt, Ros Stephen, Gilad Atzmon,The Ghosts Within, Domino
- Crocodiles, Generalized Suspicion of Experts, Herzfeld
- Les Marquises, Lost Lost Lost, Lost Recordings
- Shannon Wright, Secret Blood, Vicious Circle
- Family of The Year, Our Songbook, Volvox Music
- Sleigh Bells, Treats, Jive/Epic
- The Gaslamp Killer, Death Gate, Brainfeeder
- Leo Le Bug / Leyan, Split ep, Chinese Man Records
- The Bug, Infected ep, Ninja Tune
- Quark, Echo, Naive
- Belleruche, 270 Stories, Tru Thoughts Records
- Twin Shadow, Forget, 4AD
- Wild Beasts, Two Dancers (remixes), Domino