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Programmation musicale // septembre 2010

Découvrez la charpente musicale de ce mois-ci :

  1. Mia, Maya, Xl Recordings
  2. The Hundred In The Hands, The Hundred In The Hands, Warp
  3. We Love, We Love, Bpitch Control
  4. Hjaltalin, Terminal, Borgin
  5. Axel Krygier, Pesebre, Crammed Discs
  6. Laurent Dewilde & Otisto 23, Fly, D Fragment Music
  7. Bonaparte, My Horse Likes You
  8. Loden, Buggy, Mush Records
  9. Hannah, Ben's Boy Hero & Prehistory, Autoproduction
  10. Actress, Splazsh, Honest Jon's Records
  11. Woodpigeon, Die Stadt Musikanten, End Of The Road Records
  12. Martina Topley Bird, Some Place Simple, Honest Jon's Records
  13. Zola Jesus, Stridulum 2, Souterrain Transmissions
  14. That Summer, Near Miss, Talitres Records
  15. Del Celio, Sous Les Cendres, Idwet
  16. Cults, Contagious Spirits
  17. Rose Elinor Dougall, Without Why
  18. Kurt Vile, God Is Saying This To You, Kemado Records
  19. El Guincho, Pop Negro, Xl Recordings
  20. The Count Sinden, Mega Mega Mega, Domino Records
  21. Dylan Leblanc, Pauper's Field, Rough Trade
  22. Boy & The Echo Choir, And Night Arrives In One Gigantic Step, Le Son Du Maquis
  23. Bertrand Belin, Hypernuit, Cinq 7
  24. Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles, Az Music
  25. Midnight Juggernauts, The Crystal Axis, Siberia Rec/A.D.A
  26. Mystery Jets, Serotonin, Rough Trade
  27. Arcade Fire, The Suburbs, Barclay
  28. Thus:Owls, Cardiac Malformations, Hoob Records
  29. Club 8, The People's Record, Labrador
  30. Shout Out Louds, Work, Starlight Walker
  31. Mr Oizo & Gaspard Auge, Rubber, Ed Banger/Because
  32. Chocolate Genius Inc, Swansongs, No Format
  33. Greie Gut Fraktion, Baustelle, Monika Enterprise
  34. The Chap, Well Done Europe, Hub100
  35. The National, High Violet, 4ad
  36. Nicolas Cohen-Keriny, Les Nœuds du destin, Violet Music Vocal Easer
  37. Rubik, Dada Bandits, Talitres Records
  38. Ellen Allien, Dust, Bpitch Control
  39. Edh, Predature, Le Son Du Maquis
  40. The Fall, Your Future Our Cutter, Domino Records
  41. Myra Davies & Gudrun Gut, Miasma3, Monika Enterprise
  42. Trummelschlager, Zuruck Pkk, Autoproduction
  43. Panda Valium, Bubo, Edelweiss
  44. Archie Bronson Outfit, Coconut, Domino Records
  45. Lyre Le Temps, Lady Swing, French Gramm/Irfan
  46. Anni Rossi, Heavy Meadow, 4ad
  47. Unkle, Where Did The Night Fall, Surrender All
  48. E-Grand, E-Grand, Autoproduction
  49. Darwin Deez, Darwin Deez, Lucky Number
  50. The Master Musicians Of Jajouka, The Source, Le Son Du Maquis